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Service Offering

Cadryn provides concept to engineering design solutions for technically and commercially viable new products. We seemlessly integrate our efforts with client’s strategy to support their business plan with minimum risks and improve their competitive edge.

We bring together expertise in mechanical design, FEA & CFD simulation and prototyping in an innovative workflow, for creating functional and marketable product designs to help you realize product launch in shortest timeframe. At Cadryn, we call it "Where Virtual meets Reality".

We always strive hard to add value in the projects we undertake all the while bringing in the required technical passion during project execution, providing leadership, understanding the customer requirements better and deliver top class engineering for product development.

Engineering Services

We find innovative design solution early in product development phase, by optimizing "Engineering, Simulation and Prototyping" for competitive gain in cost, quality and time-to-market. With Engineering Services, we are into creating new product concepts with plastic, metal, sheet-metal and fabricated design - with emphasis on providing solutions with solid/ surface modeling, mechanism design, manufacturing drawings and tooling for technology products. We design complete system for mechanical products integrated with hardware and software. Our competency includes computer aided design, simulation, prototyping, manufacturing, product data management and technical documentation for product development cycle. We have high proficiency in various CAD and CAE tools to take product concepts to realization in most efficient way.

In our Rendering Studio, we bring virtual products to life using stunning CGI and VFX for photo realistic images, animated movies and walk through to be used for your product showcasing and marketing.


Industrial Design

Innovative design solutions early in product development phase

  • Convert product ideas and insight to technical specifications
  • 3D modeling of concept solutions for visualization
  • Conceiving products for aesthetics, functionality & manufacturability
  • Ergonomic evaluation with usability and operational interface
  • Product semantics study for psychological, social and cultural context
  • Exploration of product styling, color and form options
  • Animation and graphics rendering for industrial designs
  • Creating product illustrations for intellectual property strategy

Product Design

Transforming conceptual design to 3D CAD parts & assembly

  • Design with plastic, metal, sheet-metal and fabrication.
  • 3D CAD modeling for parts and assembly
  • Create drawings for fabrication, production, assembly and schematics
  • GD&T and stackup to validate assembly fit and drive consistency
  • Reverse engineering of physical products with 3D laser scanning
  • Value engineering for costs, performance, quality and safety
  • Engineering change notice for product lifecycle management
  • Design and detailing as per ISO, API, ANSI and client requirement


Study for product design, evaluation and optimization

  • FEA simulation for product design, evaluation and optimization
  • Determine fatigue life, strength and material selection
  • Study existing designs for cost and weight reduction
  • Analysis of solid, shell, frames, beams for linear/ non-linear statics
  • Sensitivity study & optimization to define critical engineering variables
  • Mechanism and motion study for impact force, linkage and dynamics
  • Mold flow simulation for component moldability checks
  • Product performance evaluation and failure investigation

Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing

Assist you in taking virtual designs to physical products

  • Stereo Lithography (SLA) & Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
  • Silicone Rubber Molding, Injection & Blow Molding
  • CNC machining (Plastic / Metal)
  • Investment Casting
  • Metal Plating: Copper, Nickel, Chrome
  • Sheetmetal fabrication
  • Testing pre-production models to assure manufacturability

Technical Publication

Complete documentation for your products

  • Technical writing for product guides, manuals and procedures
  • Create product specification sheets, catalogues and brochures
  • Interactive presentations, training and e-learning modules
  • Develop marketing and sales content for products
  • Engineering procedures for FAT, installation, assembly and operation
  • Qualification procedures for PVT (performance verification test)
  • Research reports for sustainability (environmental impacts)
  • Competitive product research and marketability analysis

CGI/ VFX/ Animation

Customized exhibition of product design

  • Create realistic images using sketches, photos and 2D/ 3D models
  • Images for product and process documentation and illustrations
  • Art work for product graphics, package, catalogues and brochures
  • Combine stunning artwork with motion graphics for VFX
  • 3D character, asset and low-poly surface design for animation
  • 2D and 3D Animation, to communicate product and process design
  • Product animations for training, presentation and marketing
  • Renders optimized for texturing, lighting, colors/ materials

Projects in..

We has been executing projects in collaborative environment with geographically remote design teams for consumer electronics & appliance, heavy machinery, medical devices, sports equipment, office products and furniture & interio.

Working with us..

Competitive advantage we offer

Customer Satisfaction

We value the trust with the opportunity to execute the project and we strive to see a successful delivery made with each and every project, exceeding the scope of work.


To help you realize a quality product, we have a stringent quality control process with gate reviews at critical milestones and most of our projects follow six sigma methodologies.


We bring your ideas to life in the most economical ways, so as to have a functional and marketable product without you having to invest heavily early in the product life cycle.

Lead Time

Quality deliverables within shortest lead time is what we assure to help your ideas turn to marketable commodities, using our design expertise with innovative workflows.

Life Cycle Support

We help you realize product development right from concepts > engineering design > protototyping > manufacturing. Also help you with design modifications as the product matures.

Scalable Operation

We provide technological services to small and medium enterprises and also individual product inventors. We take requests for piece work as well as turnkey deliveries as per your need.